March 20 , 2023

Season 2 Episode 7

P & Z Commission Hearings


nate hood

Knock knock…..
Who’s there?
Commissioner who?
Commissioner who CLEARLY didn’t read their packet!!!

Nate Hood, Planning & Zoning Commissioner from St Paul Minnesota joins the show to talk about what makes for a good session, a good staff report, and solid public testimony. Sidenote, Nate is an aspiring stand-up comedian as well and certainly has a way of making his point. This is a fun and informative episode for those wanting to better understand the ins and outs of a public hearing.


Nate Hood is a dad, husband, planner, planning commissioner and aspiring stand up comic. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Boss Hog IX, Siren's Song

With our guest Nate Hood being a Planning Commissioner by day and a stand-up comedian by night, Commissioner Danley reads deep into the history books to select a whiskey “from winged sows, daughters of earth and muse” for this week’s pairing. He chooses Whistle Pig’s The Boss Hog IX, Siren’s Song. Will you find the bottle with the special topper celebrating Thalia, the goddess of comedy?

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