February 28, 2023

Season 2 Episode 4



Kelly Verel

“Who’s Ready For Some Fun?”

Placemaking is one way planners instantly create an engaging and interactive location in our communities. What exactly is placemaking, how does it work, and where has it left its mark? Kelly Verel of Project for Public Spaces stops by to talk all about it.

If you wanna learn more, head over to their website and read all about it: 


Kelly is the Co-Executive Director of Project for Public Spaces overseeing the Market Cities Program, events and educational offerings, and general operations and finance. Since joining the organization in 2006, Kelly has worked extensively with all of the programs and departments within the organization. Prior to her current role, Kelly was the project manager and later director for all projects related to the planning, design, and development of public markets, as well as the popular How to Create Successful Markets training and the last four International Public Markets Conferences (2009, 2012, 2015, 2019). Prior to working at Project for Public Spaces, she was on the administrative team at GrowNYC Greenmarkets, one of the country’s largest farmers market networks, and was an apprentice farmer at The Farm School in central Massachusetts. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Patrick and their children Eliza and Henry.

Learn more:

Project for Public Spaces: https://www.pps.org/ 

Market Cities (a program of PPS): https://www.marketcities.org/

11th International Public Markets Conference (registration opens Feb. 17): https://publicmarkets.pps.org/

THE podcast


As Project for Public Spaces approaches its 50th anniversary, Commissioner Kostelec salutes them for making their mark in improving public spaces by pairing this session with…you guessed it..Maker’s Mark! 


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