June 12, 2023

Season 2 Episode 17




Homelessness in America continue to vex decision makers and planners. What role has planning had in causing homelessness and how do we address the subject in a meaningful way? Wyatt Schroeder is an expert on the issue and joined us for a compelling discussion that we found educational and thought provoking. 


Wyatt has worked on the issues of homelessness and affordable housing for over 13 years, stemming from a fervent belief that everyone deserves a safe, stable, and affordable home. He has served roles from executive nonprofit leadership to grassroots organizer to local government official.

Prior to joining BBS, Wyatt was the Director of Community Partnerships for the City of Boise, guiding all social service partnerships for City Hall. He has served a number of roles in his work on housing equity, including Executive Director of CATCH, Idaho’s largest supportive housing agency and Senior Manager at Agnew::Beck Consulting, serving communities in Idaho and Alaska by designing and managing public-private partnerships that led to the development of affordable housing and increased housing outcomes for marginalized populations.

Wyatt is proud to have been a key leader in the development of Our Path Home, the public-private partnership in Ada County, Idaho dedicated to ending homelessness. This leadership led to the creation of the state’s first coordinated entry system on homelessness; developing New Path Community Housing, the state’s first Housing First-based supportive housing building; and launching the Campaign to End Family Homelessness, a five-year strategy to bring aggressive philanthropy and innovative service design to achieve functional zero.

Wyatt holds a Master of Business Administration from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Arts from Allegheny College. He received a professional certificate on Real Estate Development from Fordham University. You can find him living in Philadelphia, watching baseball or sneaking into the Wissahickon for the afternoon or on his stoop with a guitar in his hand.

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Wyatt says it well… “those who work on homelessness  are concerned about the intersection of housing and stability and any number of chronic issues, be it mental challenges, physical health and substance misuse.” Unity Recovery Group takes a social enterprise approach to Recovery Oriented Design. If you are sober curious or in recovery check them out!

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