May 15, 2023

Season 2 Episode 13

Freeway Removal


amy stelly

In many locations across the nation, discussions continue regarding the removal of detrimental urban interstates. In the case of New Orleans native, Amy Stelly, it is time for this to happen. Through her efforts, a section of an elevated freeway bifurcating her childhood neighborhood will soon be demolished bringing back a community of peace, fresh air, and social interaction.


Amy Stelly is an artist, designer, planner and freeway fighter. Her scope of work includes building and open space design, historic restoration, downtown and neighborhood revitalization, environmental planning, municipal zoning, incentives, entitlements, site planning, streetscapes and gardens. She is a co-founder of the Claiborne Avenue Alliance, a neighborhood advocacy group, and the founder and director of the Claiborne Avenue Alliance Design Studio, a non-profit studio that makes design and land use accessible to the everyman. Amy edits the opinions column for The Lens, a New Orleans-based nonprofit, nonpartisan public-interest newsroom. And she is a contributor to the recently published Justice and the Interstates.

Learn more about the work Amy is involved in at her website!

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This week we are so thrilled to have our guest, Amy Stelly, bring you the whiskey pairing.

“I’ve got to give the pairing nod to Seven-Three Distillery’s Irish Channel Whiskey.”

It’s a local whiskey made in the Claiborne Corridor.

Seven Three Distilling Irish Channel Whiskey

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