June 25, 2023

Season 2 Episode 19

Planning Through the Eyes of A Mayor



Mayor Mendenhall is a huge fan of good planning. She continues to lead Salt Lake City by engaging in a number of initiatives including major housing reforms, active transportation projects, and air and water quality policies. We had the great privilege to interview Mayor Mendenhall in one of our best discussions to date. 


Erin J. Mendenhall is the 36th mayor of Salt Lake City.

Erin came to Salt Lake with her family when she was 7 years old, and after losing her father to cancer at age 13, Erin graduated from Alta High School and enrolled at the University of Utah. It was there that her interest in the intersection of science and public policy took shape, leading to a career focused on improving Utah’s air quality and protecting our environment.

Just weeks after the birth of her first son, Erin learned the air quality in Salt Lake City had become so bad that it could take two years off his life. She decided to stay and fight rather than walk away, becoming an activist and joining Utah Moms for Clean Air in 2008. Determined to bring scientific understanding to air-quality discussions in the state legislature, our schools, and our community, Erin co-founded a new non-profit organization, Breathe Utah, in 2010, and was appointed to Utah’s Air Quality Board in 2014. She has since twice been elected as its chair.

Wanting to advance air-quality policy inside the city government and serve Salt Lake City on a wider range of issues, Erin was elected to represent District 5 on the City Council in 2013. During her six years on the Council, including one year as its chair, Erin worked for equitable progress across the city, driving road repairs and infrastructure maintenance, expanding access to transit and affordable housing, and making the city more equitable for women and girls. She is the first mayor in Salt Lake City history to have been publicly elected from the city council. cont. reading

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High West Bourbon

Commissioner Kostelec tried to a bourbon he saw as a store brand at a drugstore in Chicago when in college. It was distilled in Salt Lake City. In the absence of that, he went with a new star in the world of whiskey, spirits from High West. It is distilled in Park City, Utah.  

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