April 10, 2023

Season 2 Episode 10

America Walks


Mike McGinn

Photo of Mike McGinn of America Walks

Getting Americans to walk more is the mission of America Walks. Mike McGinn is the organization’s  Executive Director and the former Mayor of Seattle. Advocating for the design, funding, and maintenance for our nation’s walking infrastructure all while trying to build a safer overall transportation system, is just part of the mission of America Walks. 


Mike got his start in local politics as a neighborhood activist pushing for walkability. From there he founded a non-profit focused on sustainable and equitable growth, and then became Mayor of Seattle. He has always worked to add new voices to City decision-making and has gained deep insights into how influence is gained and wielded to make change. Just before joining America Walks, Mike worked to help Feet First, Washington State’s walking advocacy organization, expand their sphere of influence across Washington state. He has worked on numerous public education, legislative, ballot measure and election campaigns – which has given him an abiding faith in the power of organizing and volunteers to create change. His many years of advocating for sustainable cities and environmental justice give him perspective to expand America Walks partnerships.

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Old Overholt

Walking is the oldest form of transportation and Old Overholt the oldest continually produced whiskey in America. This rye bagan in Pennsylvania but now calls Kentucky home. It is a whiskey that is a perfect everyday supper or to use in any cocktail- Universal in application, but unique in its story.

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