May 29, 2023

Season 2 Episode 15

1000 Joys of Planning


the commission

Image of person in shorts and a t-shirt jumping in the air with their fist pumped for joy in front of a blue sky with white clouds.

Our profession is unlike most and can certainly be a roller coaster ride. Despite some of the many challenges, there are countless ways in which we love what we do. The Commission takes a moment to discuss why and how we love our careers as Planners. This self-reflection episode may be relatable for many and is a reminder of the positive effects planning can have on the lives of every day citizens as well as our own. 

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We gave our livers a break this week as we enjoyed a bubbly beverage. A 1,000 joyful bubbles come in each can of this can of LeCroiz Limoncello. Enjoy it as a mocktail or mix it with something stiffer as you ponder the 1,000 joys of planning.

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